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Find your style!

Interior design and design patterns, a broad science that accommodates everyone's taste..

In Nad, we believe in the importance of choosing the best style for you, which depends on your personal taste and essence.

For this reason; Here we provide a guide to the most important design patterns that you can follow in your next project!

Contemporary style

Contemporary style is usually based on luxury, variety of materials, lines and details.. such as texture and colors that create calm and elegant interior designs.

This is why contemporary style has the ability to provide a timeless feel that never goes out of style!

Classic Style

Classic style, also known as traditional style; It is one of the best options for a space rich in accessories, textures, and finishes that create an attractive space!

The main idea of the classic style is to create a point that combines furniture, lighting and accessories in a luxurious and vintage way.

Modern style

We talked about the contemporary style previously, but here we are talking about the modern style; Which is known for simplicity and neutral or earthy colors in addition to the use of natural materials and natural light.

The basic philosophy of this style is to choose decorative elements that reflect the benefit of them, and to stay away from elements that do not carry an actual benefit or function.

Simple Style

Minimalism follows the philosophy "Everything needs a place and a reason!" Therefore, it helps to make the space appear larger by using neutral and simple color patterns. The best advice we can give you is according to the minimalist style; It is to stay away from trendy decor items that may lose their luster in a matter of months, and to invest in comfortable and sustainable pieces.

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