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Our Saudi Homes... A Civilized and Cultural Extension!

We review the most important vocabulary of Saudi architecture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Which was affected by the unique geographical location of the Kingdom, and the difference in the climate of its regions from one region to another..and therefore the different style of architecture in each region; Which formed a rich and unique Saudi civilization!

Hijazi House

In the western region or the Hijaz region and along the Red Sea.. the hot and humid climate, which prompted the people of the region to adopt the structure of houses consisting of large coral columns and wooden floors.

On the ground floor of the Hijazi houses; There is often a public sitting room, while the private sitting room is on the first floor, and for the bedroom in general it is on the upper floor, and coinciding with the summer season, the roof is used for sleeping in order to provide ventilation from the sea breeze and natural winds.

Najd House

Najd Al-Adhayah.. has a dry desert climate in which temperatures vary greatly between day and night.

Najdi houses usually consist of two floors embraced by the belly of al-Hawi, which is an open central courtyard that represents the lungs of the original Najdi house, regulating the entry of the sun to make the climate cooler, and providing space for private family life.

Najdi houses are decorated from the inside with wonderful geometric decorations and patterns, and different colors to decorate the doors, windows, and ceilings

This makes the Najdi house a delightful painting in the desert environment around it.

The different eras that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia went through constituted a historical depth that was reflected in its ancient heritage, its civilizational scene,

From which modern architecture was inspired and extended, to be a contemporary civilization rich in authentic Saudi features!

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